Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all my faithful readers out there, and thank you! I will take a short break over Christmas and New Years. The last year has been extraordinary, much thanks to you. Since I published my first book, With a License to Kill, in 2006, things have progressed and moved faster than before. My second book, The Science of Weight Loss, in 2008, was very well received and I appreciate all the comments that you've given me, here on the blog, in person, and through mail. During the past year, I've been assembling my thoughts and putting down some of them on paper. Parts of which I've also posted here on the blog. I won't tell you what the next book will be about yet, but I will be able to tell you some more when I see you again after New Years. Keep writing!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pharmaceutical Industry – The Promotion Strategy

Pharmaceutical industry is presently at its peak. Initially, considered as a risk sector, pharmaceutical is presently witnessing immense growth, with drug sales at a rapid increase all across the board. The prices of the various important drugs in a very short span of time have increased drastically and most of the increased revenue collections fall under the profit heading. A big chunk of the revenue so collected also gets diverted towards the marketing endeavors of the pharmaceutical firms. Though, there are various independent researchers indicating the amount spent on marketing by the pharmaceutical industry, yet it is believed that at least 1/5th of the collected income is spent on the marketing outlays.

Promotion Through Medical Representatives

Pharmaceutical firms as mentioned above direct ample revenue towards, the marketing and campaigning plans. The key promotion strategy, in addition to exercising influence through magazine and the so-called independent researches, entails reaching out to the medicine professionals, through the appointed Medical Representatives (MRs). Various firms undertake strenuous screening exercises to appoint educated medical representatives who can promote their product in the market. The target segment constitutes the medical professionals and students, who directly are in touch with the final consumers.

These medical practitioners exercise definite control over the consumer’s spending with respect to the prescribed drugs and, therefore, convincing them is all that is required. MRs as mentioned above are usually educated in the field of sciences and, therefore, share a common frequency with the medicine experts.

The Controversy

This promotion strategy—marketing the latest drugs through Medical Representatives—works quite well for the pharmaceutical firms. However, the promotion technique in the last few years has been under a thick controversy cover.

Professionals in the field of medicine sciences, usually owing to their hectic routine, are not able to devote quality time towards research in finding about the various new drugs and treatments available for different ailments. Companies therefore assert that the appointed MRs can help provide the requisite information. The critics, however, argue that the MRs are not really providing the complete set of information. They only supplement restricted knowledge about their specific company’s product, with emphasis on the positives.

The end result is that professionals get hold of mostly half knowledge, which in essence is not what is required for perfect and economical treatment of the patients. Additionally, the critics argue that the rich pharmaceutical giants exercise their influence at all levels to curb any resistance.

Well, whatever be the controversy, the evident growth of the pharmaceutical sector certainly proves the suitability of the selected marketing strategy.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The More Practical Exercising Solutions

Shying away from exercising does not call for much of thinking. It could be the weather that extended meeting, or a simple backache; there always is a ready excuse. But what is not understood here is the overall impact these silly excuses would have at a later date, when owing to lack of workout the bodies would give away to harmful, life-threatening diseases.

An Easy Remedy

Despite knowing a lot about the negative effects that lack of exercise could impose, many are unable to maintain a strict exercising schedule. Whatever could be an excuse, but the majority cannot claim a healthy and fit body. As a way out, a few basic exercising categories are enumerated below, which can be pursued during a normal lifestyle. These exercises do not demand a special effort and are quite basic in nature. Undertaking them certainly can help get that better shaped body.

  1. Walking – walking as an exercise form is not a secret. We all know about it, yet tend to overlook the positives of walking as an exercise form. Quite effective, regular walks are suitable for all ages and groups. Try walking to the office tomorrow and see if it helps. A regular evening walk can do miracles. The basic idea, however, is to continuously work towards increasing stamina. Today, if one can walk a mile in about 20 minutes, the aim should be to complete the same distance in half the time. To enjoy walking, use a Walkman while exercising. This not only acts as an entertainer, but also takes your mind off the timer, thus helping stretch that extra bit.

  2. Yogasana – Yogasana is an exercise form that requires no tools to work out, unlike many other fitness procedures. Yogasana, in addition to working on the physical well being, acts towards harmonization of mind, body, and soul. It is a definite stress buster, and including yoga in the regular fitness schedule can help fight the various undesired feelings and emotions. A five- to ten-minute break from work is all that yoga demands.

  3. Stairs versus elevators – Quit using elevators while climbing up to the office or back home. Make it a mandate to take the stairs when trying to catch a train next time. There are so many places where regular visits are undertaken each day. If all these visits include a trip up the staircase, fitness would no longer be just a dream.

  4. Sex – The last but not the least in the list, sex is an important exercise form. A very natural mode to fitness, sex is a definite mood enhancer and can help burn off a decent bit of calories. The metabolism rates are improved and the glow on skin after regular sex is not missed by many.

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Killing Over Dosage

A pill for all reasons is the perfect statement to explain the present situation. Drugs are appropriate and are required at times. They rather play quite a fundamental role in saving lives. However, this does not indicate that every day must start with a pill and end with one. The increasing dependency on medicines has in a sense, created an addiction where psychologically to stay fitter, even a healthy person looks for solace by consuming prescribed drugs.

A Pill For No Reason

The impact of medicines on the present society is such that, it seems that we are looking for excuses to consume prescribed drugs. Even minor health problems like heartburn are being cured by medicines. The insurance companies have also made their contributions in the increased prescribed drug consumption. By paying for the high-priced drugs, the insurance companies have further given a reason to get a prescription, for literally no reason.

The Mind Game

Drug companies have a strong lobby and, apparently, exert an influence on the studies published under the health and fitness columns. Over time, by virtue of the money invested in marketing, pharmaceutical companies have created a mind block wherein, only after taking in some kind of drugs, do the people feel cured. The more expensive the drug, the better is the impact. The cheaper available substitutes, which are equally effective, do not seem to help, as they do not carry with them the tag of being good. An addiction has been created for the drugs, which unlike other substances like alcohol, has been categorized as safe.

The Beneficiary

In the entire bargain, only the pharmaceutical companies seem to earn. Their profits are soaring and the businesses expanding tremendously. Of whatever they earn, only negligible proportions are invested into research and a larger chunk into marketing and administration. The rest is simply profit. The consumers are, of course, at the losing end. They are entrapped into a vicious circle, where the side effects of one medicine push them to consume another two pills and so on.

The Requirement

The system is defective and to a very large extent, it is we the consumers who have been the weaker end. By consuming unnecessary medicines, without even considering their serious requirement, we’ve spent more than required proportions of our hard-earned income in helping the drug companies grow. The prescription drugs too have immense side effects, which are quite important yet ignored. Only a self-realization towards sensible usage of prescribed drugs can help deal with the issue.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Shed Those Extra Kilos With Capoeira

Capoeira is not entirely a new concept; however, the present form, that blends Capoeira with exercise and fitness, is relatively contemporary. Capoeira is an exercise form that, if pursued diligently, can certainly help lose weight tremendously. Those willing to get in shape must give Capoeira a try.

The Concept At Its Earliest

Capoeira basically is a Brazilian fighting style, which since its origination has had a prominent link with music and dance. It is believed that when African slaves were being transported to Brazil, they, in order to keep themselves in good shape and ready for a fight, undertook martial arts practice. However, such practices were not allowed to the prisoners. As a way out, the prisoners disguised the martial arts training as a ritual, which was supposed to be performed with music. This disguised dance cum fighting style was christened as Capoeira and is now being famously used as an exercise form.

Capoeira And Exercise

Capoeira in its deepest meaning is an effort to stay fit and in shape, ready to conquer. The controlled moves and steps thus propagated by this fitness form are perfect to pursue that dream figure. The workout ensures that all body parts are exercised. Legs and arms move in unison, thus proportionately, working on the upper and lower body structures.

The primitive notion of Capoeira is linked with music and a native dancing style, which has been preserved. This exercise form is practiced with vibrant music, which helps move on the beats, with ease, thus facilitating an easy work out.

The Underline

A very important idea behind Capoeira is the expression. Capoeira in its initial meaning was a dance form meant to express freedom and individuality, in unity. The fitness version of Capoeira, too, depends a lot on this aspect. It is about exercising together. One cannot afford to have his or her own style while working out in a group, practicing Capoeira. Therefore, even if one partner in the circle exercising with Capoeira is not into the zeal and fun of the dance style, the essence goes missing.

Try It Out

Weight reduction and getting into shape are frankly not an easy task, especially, because it entails a lot of hard work and physical effort. There is no shortcut to fitness. Diets might help initially; in the long run, however, they are futile and a relapse to the earlier situation is certain. A certain solution, then is provided by various fitness forms, like Capoeira, that not only help reduce but also keep up the fun and excitement factor in otherwise boring exercise schedules.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pharmaceutical Companies – The Testing Dispute

Pharmaceutical companies are presently going through a curvy patch. Where on the one hand, they are witnessing excellent financial results, on the other, they are being questioned about their ethical responsibilities. Drugs could save lives; however, even a slight mistake or negligence in this context, could as well be harmful enough to many. This important fact further ensures that the pharmaceutical sector strictly complies with the responsibilities it owes to the entire society and well-being.

The Key Issue

If there are questions being framed against the pharmaceutical sector as a whole, there must be some concrete grounds to back them up. Suddenly there is news around stating that at various levels, the pharmaceutical firms exert influence in manipulating the results of various tests and research, to mark the authenticity and credibility of their products. The beliefs are so strong that various reputable medical schools, have cautioned their students against the lectures and seminars organized by the players in the pharmaceutical industry camp. What is important, however, is to analyze whether such accusations have enough supporting arguments to prove the point.

To begin with, evaluators of the present condition of the pharmaceutical sector allege that because the research in the field of medicine are quite expensive, there is a continuous monetary aid requirement. This aid comes from the pharmaceuticals firms, which are presently making quite a good amount of money. All thanks to the sponsored research, the results are bound to be monitored.

Further, the pharmaceuticals industry has a lobbying power, which is deployed to influence the administrative machinery’s acts and findings. Various articles and scripts are also considered to be ghost written by the pharmaceutical industry. The accusations are further strengthened by the practice followed that entails gift exchange ceremonies from the pharmaceutical company owners to the health professionals.

A Glimpse Of The Key Testing Accusations:

  • Forging or manipulation of the clinical results

  • Excessive advertising and campaigning among doctors to provide half information

  • Conducting various sponsored research and events in medical colleges

  • Increased drug tests on animals before requisite approvals

  • Introduction of various imitated versions of the already existing drugs in the market with a new name and mark

Amid such chaotic situations and rapid allegations, the pharmaceutical companies continue to make money. However, what must be noted here is that this is at the cost of the entire society and, therefore, must be prevented. Drug testing before the launch of a new medication is quite an important process and, therefore, demands a strict law from the highest authorities to prevent any mishaps.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Fitness – Beyond Looks

To the majority around, fitness or exercising would be an attempt to look better, or in shape. A widely perceived notion of fitness simply considers it as an important determinant of overall personality. Increased confidence, resultant of better looks, is all that fitness encapsulates for most of us. However, there are dimensions to fitness beyond just looks.

The More Important Aspects

Shaped bodies are certainly important, but there are facets that are more serious in nature. Exercising ensures health, both internal and external. A fitter body, that consumes healthy food in measured quantities, is health risk averse. On the other hand, those who simply binge on junk food are more prone to diseases.

Fitness can help cure many health-related issues; however, for simplicity, pimples could be considered as an example. Acne-related issues like pimples, though, could have genetic history to back up, yet eating habits too play a fundamental role here. Consuming oily substances directly affects the overall skin and could result in what we refer to as pimples. Alternatively, drinking a lot of water, which is quite healthy, can help cure such skin-related health issues.

Acne is just an illustration, to simplify the more complex picture. Exercising and eating right are the keys to stay healthier longer. Many fatal diseases like heart diseases and diabetes can be managed well by keeping the body fit.

Helps The Cardiovascular And Respiratory Systems

Exercising improves the internal blood circulation, thus directly improving the cardiovascular system. Regular workouts prevent the building up of plaque in the arteries (a result of cholesterol), thus preventing any interruption in the blood flow. Continual efforts to stay fit, by exercising, also benefit the respiratory systems. Exercise promotes rhythmic and proper breathing. The lung capacity is developed, which further ensures better intake of oxygen, required to nourish cells.

Bodybuilding – The Essential Part

The reference here is not to the usual bodybuilding, as done by youngsters to primarily impress the opposite sex, but the emphasis is on the prevention of bone weakening and thus staying away from osteoporosis. Exercises like strength training and weight bearing help prevent bone mass and could also help increase the bone density, which in the long run is more important than impressing the girl next door.

Staying healthy by keeping the body in better shape and thus exercising regularly is a must, especially considering the present lifestyles. Today, the normal living patterns do not entail much physical work and thus, demand an extra effort. Moreover, eating habits are completely out of step, with the young generation completely entrapped in the junk food cycle. All these are threats that ought to be catered to by regular exercising.