Monday, November 30, 2009

Shed Those Extra Kilos With Capoeira

Capoeira is not entirely a new concept; however, the present form, that blends Capoeira with exercise and fitness, is relatively contemporary. Capoeira is an exercise form that, if pursued diligently, can certainly help lose weight tremendously. Those willing to get in shape must give Capoeira a try.

The Concept At Its Earliest

Capoeira basically is a Brazilian fighting style, which since its origination has had a prominent link with music and dance. It is believed that when African slaves were being transported to Brazil, they, in order to keep themselves in good shape and ready for a fight, undertook martial arts practice. However, such practices were not allowed to the prisoners. As a way out, the prisoners disguised the martial arts training as a ritual, which was supposed to be performed with music. This disguised dance cum fighting style was christened as Capoeira and is now being famously used as an exercise form.

Capoeira And Exercise

Capoeira in its deepest meaning is an effort to stay fit and in shape, ready to conquer. The controlled moves and steps thus propagated by this fitness form are perfect to pursue that dream figure. The workout ensures that all body parts are exercised. Legs and arms move in unison, thus proportionately, working on the upper and lower body structures.

The primitive notion of Capoeira is linked with music and a native dancing style, which has been preserved. This exercise form is practiced with vibrant music, which helps move on the beats, with ease, thus facilitating an easy work out.

The Underline

A very important idea behind Capoeira is the expression. Capoeira in its initial meaning was a dance form meant to express freedom and individuality, in unity. The fitness version of Capoeira, too, depends a lot on this aspect. It is about exercising together. One cannot afford to have his or her own style while working out in a group, practicing Capoeira. Therefore, even if one partner in the circle exercising with Capoeira is not into the zeal and fun of the dance style, the essence goes missing.

Try It Out

Weight reduction and getting into shape are frankly not an easy task, especially, because it entails a lot of hard work and physical effort. There is no shortcut to fitness. Diets might help initially; in the long run, however, they are futile and a relapse to the earlier situation is certain. A certain solution, then is provided by various fitness forms, like Capoeira, that not only help reduce but also keep up the fun and excitement factor in otherwise boring exercise schedules.

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