Monday, November 16, 2009

Fitness – Beyond Looks

To the majority around, fitness or exercising would be an attempt to look better, or in shape. A widely perceived notion of fitness simply considers it as an important determinant of overall personality. Increased confidence, resultant of better looks, is all that fitness encapsulates for most of us. However, there are dimensions to fitness beyond just looks.

The More Important Aspects

Shaped bodies are certainly important, but there are facets that are more serious in nature. Exercising ensures health, both internal and external. A fitter body, that consumes healthy food in measured quantities, is health risk averse. On the other hand, those who simply binge on junk food are more prone to diseases.

Fitness can help cure many health-related issues; however, for simplicity, pimples could be considered as an example. Acne-related issues like pimples, though, could have genetic history to back up, yet eating habits too play a fundamental role here. Consuming oily substances directly affects the overall skin and could result in what we refer to as pimples. Alternatively, drinking a lot of water, which is quite healthy, can help cure such skin-related health issues.

Acne is just an illustration, to simplify the more complex picture. Exercising and eating right are the keys to stay healthier longer. Many fatal diseases like heart diseases and diabetes can be managed well by keeping the body fit.

Helps The Cardiovascular And Respiratory Systems

Exercising improves the internal blood circulation, thus directly improving the cardiovascular system. Regular workouts prevent the building up of plaque in the arteries (a result of cholesterol), thus preventing any interruption in the blood flow. Continual efforts to stay fit, by exercising, also benefit the respiratory systems. Exercise promotes rhythmic and proper breathing. The lung capacity is developed, which further ensures better intake of oxygen, required to nourish cells.

Bodybuilding – The Essential Part

The reference here is not to the usual bodybuilding, as done by youngsters to primarily impress the opposite sex, but the emphasis is on the prevention of bone weakening and thus staying away from osteoporosis. Exercises like strength training and weight bearing help prevent bone mass and could also help increase the bone density, which in the long run is more important than impressing the girl next door.

Staying healthy by keeping the body in better shape and thus exercising regularly is a must, especially considering the present lifestyles. Today, the normal living patterns do not entail much physical work and thus, demand an extra effort. Moreover, eating habits are completely out of step, with the young generation completely entrapped in the junk food cycle. All these are threats that ought to be catered to by regular exercising.

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