Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pharmaceutical Companies – The Testing Dispute

Pharmaceutical companies are presently going through a curvy patch. Where on the one hand, they are witnessing excellent financial results, on the other, they are being questioned about their ethical responsibilities. Drugs could save lives; however, even a slight mistake or negligence in this context, could as well be harmful enough to many. This important fact further ensures that the pharmaceutical sector strictly complies with the responsibilities it owes to the entire society and well-being.

The Key Issue

If there are questions being framed against the pharmaceutical sector as a whole, there must be some concrete grounds to back them up. Suddenly there is news around stating that at various levels, the pharmaceutical firms exert influence in manipulating the results of various tests and research, to mark the authenticity and credibility of their products. The beliefs are so strong that various reputable medical schools, have cautioned their students against the lectures and seminars organized by the players in the pharmaceutical industry camp. What is important, however, is to analyze whether such accusations have enough supporting arguments to prove the point.

To begin with, evaluators of the present condition of the pharmaceutical sector allege that because the research in the field of medicine are quite expensive, there is a continuous monetary aid requirement. This aid comes from the pharmaceuticals firms, which are presently making quite a good amount of money. All thanks to the sponsored research, the results are bound to be monitored.

Further, the pharmaceuticals industry has a lobbying power, which is deployed to influence the administrative machinery’s acts and findings. Various articles and scripts are also considered to be ghost written by the pharmaceutical industry. The accusations are further strengthened by the practice followed that entails gift exchange ceremonies from the pharmaceutical company owners to the health professionals.

A Glimpse Of The Key Testing Accusations:

  • Forging or manipulation of the clinical results

  • Excessive advertising and campaigning among doctors to provide half information

  • Conducting various sponsored research and events in medical colleges

  • Increased drug tests on animals before requisite approvals

  • Introduction of various imitated versions of the already existing drugs in the market with a new name and mark

Amid such chaotic situations and rapid allegations, the pharmaceutical companies continue to make money. However, what must be noted here is that this is at the cost of the entire society and, therefore, must be prevented. Drug testing before the launch of a new medication is quite an important process and, therefore, demands a strict law from the highest authorities to prevent any mishaps.

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