Saturday, October 10, 2009

Staying In Shape – It’s All In The Mind

If the heading has already prompted you to use your gray cells, than the goal to stay in shape has been half accomplished. Staying in shape or being fit is not just about the physical exercise it entails; it also incorporates tough resistance. But before we move on, let me state here that I am not trying to suggest that no physical workout is required. Exercising is a must, but it must be correctly complemented with correct eating habits.

The Psyche Works

You should eat when your stomach orders and not when the taste buds are active. Usually, when a person thinks that he or she is hungry, it is actually not the real hunger and therefore there is no requirement to consume. It, in fact, is just a false signal sent by the brain that creates a craving to eat. If you can by resistance win over this craving the first few times, believe me, you can boast of that ultra-shaped figure you always envied.

Few Tips Here…

To further help you achieve this end of controlling your mind, let me present a few tips. Try them and see the magic that works.

Do not even taste the delicacies cooked at home. A majority of us feel that taking in a few spoons of that simply delicious looking sweet dish won’t make much of a difference. It is just a spoon, after all. But take my word here: one initial spoon and you are a slave to the irresistible food. The only approach, therefore, to control your nerves is to avoid the high-calorie meal completely. Simply do not even taste it.

The second important and quite successful tip is to see how things are cooked. The chocolate cake that you savor is usually cooked with loads of cream, sugar, and other heavenly ingredients like chocolate. Not to mention, all are quite rich in terms of calorie content. If you see it bake, the process and ingredients could help increasing your willpower.

Before you start eating, think about the tedious exercise class you attended in the morning. Many of us feel that after such workout sessions, eating, or rather bulging, is justified. It is not! Bulging in any case is never justified, and if you feel that the exercise will compensate, than just think about the kind of effort it took to wake up at such early hours, which is now being wasted for a piece of cake. A piece, just a piece, of cake has enough calories to equal your hectic workout schedule.

Incorporating the above-mentioned tips can help you exercise more control over your eating habits, in a way complementing the regular workouts and helping you lose weight faster.

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