Thursday, October 1, 2009

Consistency – An Integral Fitness Ingredient

The importance of consistency must not be overlooked while preparing for a fitness regime. Many of us have a tendency to start at an extremely geared pace and give up after just a few days of effort. Let it be exercising or dieting to lose weight, consistent effort in the direction pursued can only help achieve the desired ends.

Results Take Time

An exercise or diet plan usually follows a defined cycle. In the case of an exercising plan, initially the body immediately responds to the changes. This could be adversely in the case of gym workout, as the muscles tend to temporarily inflate, thus giving a bloated feel. This change, however, is temporary and regular exercising according to a strict pattern helps the body get accustomed to the schedule and thus start with the shaping process. The key note here is the time factor. The process of losing weight takes time, for few could start after only 2 to 3 months of difficult exercise. Therefore, consistency in working out is essential.

With a diet program, however, the body might not respond immediately. The noticeable results, in form of inch loss, could take even 6 months to one year. So if you plan to lose weight by vigorous dieting, make a schedule that you are confident about, as it must be followed for a long time ahead. Very difficult eating charts, that promise fast reduction, are therefore not viable, as they lack the important consistency component.

The Post Achievement Phase

Not only the initial consistency is that helps reduce weight is important. Staying in the new achieved slimmer and fitter mould also entails consistency. If you consult a specialist to be fit, than believe me, the nutritionist will make a plan that must be followed diligently for at least 6 months. And after this time frame, the advice about what to eat and what not to continues for another 6 months.

The consistency does not come naturally and is quite difficult. To understand the gravity of the issue, let me shed some light on the prescribed diet as given by a fitness expert. The prescribed diet might indeed contain foods that don’t necessarily like. There are timing issues coupled with a guide on how to prepare it. Don’t be surprised if the nutritionist prescribes food items that you’ve never heard of and are available only at selected shops.

The idea is not to postpone your plans to enter the world of being fit but knowing about the problems that could be posed helps get over them better. Therefore, be patient and follow the consistency mantra consistently, to be in shape.

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