Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Masala Bhangra – An Interesting Exercise Adapt

An interesting beat set to Bhangra music and danced to the traditional Bhangra folk music-that’s the sum and substance of Masala Bhangra. Like Masala tea, which is a product of a cross-cultural experience, Masala Bhangra too originated Abora and is, first of all, music that is used for workout exercise movements. These days Masala Bhangra is everywhere the staple of fitness centers and is one of the largest draws among those who enroll to learn dance and workout both. The music element is next in importance to the beat’s ability to sway and get the fitness enthusiast to move fast to its tune.


A dance exercise form, Masala Bhangra, originated in its present form to the US and is the effort of the energetic fitness personality and choreographer of the Indian-American origin called Sarina Jain. Jain with Masala Bhangra has pioneered the introduction of Indian Bhangra dance to the forefront of fitness with her series of unique and intense workouts.

Sarina Jain launched her own company, Masala Dance & Fitness, Inc., in January 1999. Since then, she has directed and produced a series of MASALA BHANGRA WORKOUT™ videos to popularize the dance to Bhangra lovers. She relocated to New York to successfully cultivate a larger audience for Masala Bhangra. She has been recognized as the “Indian Jane Fonda”, being the first South Asian fitness icon to introduce Indian Bhangra dance to fitness enthusiasts everywhere, and get many people from around the world to follow her steps.

The Exercise Form

This dance form in essence, is a fitness workout combined with the traditional Punjabi folk dance form. The music came out to be a Punjabi composition, which explains the vibrant beats. The basic idea is to help an energetic work out, which leaves no scope for that undesired flab to remain.

The exercises are based on the music played in the background. And there is a tempo to help all body parts work out.

While the tempo and the body’s ability to catch the rhythm may vary, it is believed that about an hour’s workout with Masala Bhangra could help burn up to 500 calories (the figure could vary with body’s metabolism rate).

The Energy Zone

A simple look at the exercisers, working out to the beats of Masala Bhangra, is enough to explain the growing popularity of this fitness form. A combination of zeal, fun and exercising, Masala Bhangra, certainly has enough entertainment for all. Imagine losing weight while enjoying life to its fullest. The idea appeals to people of all age groups and to the large number of Indian Americans who throng the fitness center to dance their flab away to Masala Bhangra.

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