Friday, August 14, 2009

A Tablet To Stay Fit – Damages Outweigh Benefits

A small tablet or any other related product can accomplish, what loads of exercises and difficult dieting schedules, cannot possibly achieve. If it was this easy, then why waste priceless time and erroneous effort, in working out to stay in shape? This precisely is the point. Fitness is a growing passion among all, especially youngsters, who are willing to go to any extent, for that perfectly measured figure or those bulging muscles. In an attempt to achieve the desired, many are tempted to take up, the short route, which entail consuming various tablets or syrups or applying different lotions on the body, etc.

The Choices

Most people are confronted with two choices when they are faced with the thought of slimming down. The tougher and longer one and the proven to be more efficacious one, definitely calls for a lot of hard work and patience. The other of the two available options is the shorter route to instant glory or so is the way it is perceived. The latter i.e. the shorter path, does not entail the mentioned hard work, and invariably promises quicker and easier results. However, there always are hidden risks embedded in the shorter path, which if confronted with, is dangerous enough to leave permanent damages.

The Shortcut Route To Staying Fit

The mentioned shortcut entails taking up medicines, in one form or another, to stay in shape. The medicines are easily available, and hardly require a prescription. All thanks to the World Wide Web, there no longer is a requirement to even go to a medical store, in order to buy such medicines. Various brands of the pharmaceutical industry have already launched their products, and many are ready, with their version of the magic medicine.

Rightly referred to as magic medicines, these pharmacy products, including tablets, syrups, lotions, soaps and creams, claim that their usage for a particular period, can help shed off those extra calories. However, nowhere is there any guarantee, of no side effects. Such products invariably pose immense danger to the consumers, by their damaging side effects. Impotency and declining health are quite common byproducts, of the medications consumed, for losing weight or getting in shape. Sold without a prescription, such medicines do not refer to the consumer’s medical history.

If there actually were a medicine that could help with the fitness issues, in the long run, by now everyone must have consumed it and the fitness centers and jogging parks, would have been closed down. But as neither has happened the authenticity of such products is yet to be ascertained.

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