Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Redefining Fitness

I am slightly confused regarding the concept of fitness. So I thought that discussing the topic here might bring in some concrete definitions of what fitness exactly is. We all keep referring to staying fit, but then, if we are asked to define what fit is, I am sure that all of us would have a different definition.

To me, frankly, staying fit is constantly trying to lose weight. How much to lose is yet to be ascertained. I do not think that I am overweight, but then, those slender physiques always make sure to send some complexity vibes, which again mark a lower weight scale. Lose further, is all I can think of while eating, drinking, working, or exercising (which, of course, is rare). And to add to it all, there is that irritating female next door, who manages to look a few inches shorter every time I see her.

The Attempts

It is not that I have not attempted to stay in shape or reduce weight. I have tried various options that I thought would work. The list included going in for a crash diet, seeking help from a nutritionist, joining a fitness club and writing in this section to seek help.

The first one, going on a crash diet, could have worked, if others had not made me discontinue it. Many wise people were of the opinion that such diet programs only make you lose initially, followed by major weight gains, which sounded dreadful. I mean to start with, eat less, and followed by weight gains.

The second option, seeking a specialist’s advice, was quite expensive. For those who thought that fitness advisors are no longer exclusively for the rich, think again. The fitness programs they devise extend over a period of usually 3 to 6 months, followed by regular consulting, for another 6 months. The obvious, there is a monthly payment plan. And after paying this mammoth amount, if you deviate from the prescribed diet, even slightly, do not expect results.

Two attempts failed; let us give a shot to the third option, joining the fitness club. The cost is bearable, but the timings are killing. I have simply been unable to locate those golden 60 minutes that I can dedicate to serious exercising.

The Last Resort

I have tried and failed, yet am not willing to give up. I have finally decided to redefine fitness. What if fitness, like those good earlier days, did not meant staying slim? After all, a few kilos here and there won’t be that bad. What do you think?

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