Tuesday, January 2, 2007

The Best Diet Controversy

Every other day, there is a research, initiated in the field of health and nutrition, to negate the findings of various researches carried out earlier in the same field. Every other nutritionist or health advisor has a different outlook, on what constitutes the best diet. Few might consider plan ‘A’ as the best, while another group of experts, would rapidly put forward something that does not suggest plan ‘A’, but another one of their choice.

For instance, a famous diet chart entails, eating only proteins for a specified period, followed by only vitamins or a specific category of nutrients for another. And as expected, another group of experts is ready with the opposition. They believe, that such eating habits are unhealthy and are bound to negatively affect the follower in the long run.

Another research has been initiated, to prove tomato ketchup as a healthy option, for young ones. The same is targeted to counter, the initial beliefs that rated ketchup as unhealthy for kids.

The Way Ahead

The controversies do not stop here and neither are the fitness enthusiasts discouraged. With every new research under way, there much excitement in the camp of fitness seekers. The aim is to look out for a safe and a definite approach, to look flatter and in better shape.

An Intermediate Solution

While everone are busy dealing with the best diet controversies, I have a tested and tried formula for you. You are welcome, to discuss, the below mentioned method, to stay fit, with your diet expert and believe me, none can disagree with it.

Count Your Calories

Consume whatever you love; consume also what you think is essential for your survival, but at the end of the day, just count the calories of whatever you’ve consumed and make sure they do not exceed, a defined calorie figure.

To begin with, note down whatever you usually consume in one day, including the drinks. Refer to any website, that details out the specific calorie counts. These websites are quite explanatory and can help you manage an easy count. Now mark a demarcation line, of the number of calories that you would allow yourself per day. Remember one thing, the figure must be calculated depending upon your height, present weight and the weight you intend to lose.

Do not reach an impractical calorie counts. Make a feasible standard for yourself. Begin by eating say 300 calories less per day and try cutting down on the figure further.

Eating in counted quantities is an excellent yardstick, however, in a desire to eat what you savor, do not miss out on essentials like milk and other quality foods in the daily diet.

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