Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Party Healthy – Keep A Check

A glass of milk in the morning, limited lunch, a light evening snack and a moderate dinner, is the routine eating lifestyle followed by the today’s fitness freaks. Many of those who are considering a diet, visualize eating less than this, to lose weight (which seems a constant mandate) and still survive. But despite such conscious thoughts, there are times we all tend to throw caution to the winds, especially while we are partying or are in a holiday mood.

But then are we not justified? I mean constantly trying to exercise self-control, just to get into that skinny dress and now when the aim has been achieved, it is the time to party and eat (all that we’ve missed so much). It is definitely justified, if you never intend to get back into that smart dress again.

Prevent The Relapse

Getting into shape is easier, than staying in shape. A relapse to the earlier bulging figure, is easy especially, if your weight reduction is based on a strict diet plan. Eating less and eating low calorie meals is all right for a few days, but sticking forever with this grueling schedule, is simply impractical. I at least cannot visualize myself surviving only on green salads and diet drinks for the next of my life!

And believe me, I am sure that most of you too, cannot stick to such irritating healthy eating habits. There invariably would be reasons to party and play that would serve as an apt platform to deviate.

Party Harder Consume Sensibly

The way out is to party when there is a reason to party, but not let the one time party, kill the eating schedule, for the rest 29 days of the month. To begin with, make a moderate diet chart. Do not try starving yourself. Eat in limited quantities, at timely intervals. Restrain yourself from acquiring the un-required bulge every other hour by swallowing some other food you liked. Eat what you like, but balance it off in the next meal, by taking in smaller proportions.

While partying or holidaying, eating and drinking harder is a fundamental right, which must be obeyed. So eat and drink, but again keep a check on the quantity. Instead of consuming a whole glass of say a light drink in one go, take smaller sips. Eating too, ought to be controlled. Make a rule for yourself. Only one serving allowed. So whatever you relish, should be in your plate in one go, there are no further food helpings. This way, the limited capacity of the plate, will help exercise control.

Life is a synonym to party so enjoy it thoroughly. But to wake up tension free the next morning, just abide by the tips mentioned above.

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