Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fitness And The Pharmaceutical Industry

The present generation is literally crazy, about fitness, and to prove that it is, an expert research firm, is not really required to research on it. Yet if essential, try speaking to 8 - 10 neighbors around, who are from the age group of 15 – 35 years, about their perceptions, regarding fitness. Invariably at least 6 – 7 people, out of these randomly selected group, from the entire population, must be in some way or the other, making an attempt to get in shape. For the females, getting in shape implies, losing another inch from here or there, and for the males, getting in shape, usually, is a dream, of acquiring a masculine toned body.

None of these objectives are easy to achieve and who has the time, for hard work, in their already-stuffed-to-the-brim schedules. This fact, coupled with a desire to stay fit, has been perfectly realized as cash-spinning, by the pharmaceutical industry, which is busy launching one new product after the other, every other day that can help get people into that perfect shape.

A Vital Channel Of Communication – The Online Mode

Open your mailbox; there are 20 new mails, of which, at least 15 are junk. Of these 15 mails, at least a minimum of 7 has reference to a product that can help getting in shape. And the numbers are on a continual increase. These approximate figures are just an indication of how various pharmaceutical firms, view fitness as a concept, and that theses can help them make easy money. A growing and promising section, fitness has benefited the pharmaceutical industry to the best extent possible.

Moreover, the spread of the online channel of communication, has further eased, the ability of pharmaceutical firms to reach out to the target audience. A simple mail is all that is required, to reach out to the target. Tempting phrases like reduce weight while you continue to eat or bodybuilding in just 2 months, are enough to entice the reader, who may already be tiring of grueling work out sessions, which show no signs of portraying definite results.

The Catch

One thing that must be noticed, in the promotional campaign, is that usually the offers are targeted, in selling at least 2 – 3 months old stock. The idea is to pass off, as much as possible, in the first attempt to buy a readership, because, even the companies selling such products, are aware, that the promised results are impractical to achieve. Or alternatively, there will be the undesired side effects that would prompt immediate discontinuation, of the advertised products.

In a desire to flaunt that perfect shape, we’ve allowed the pharmaceutical companies, to pass off substandard products that eventually are harmful. The ultimate result is the firm’s increased annual profit and the unwary consumer’s worsened health. Even knowing that the promised benefits are mostly just that-promised-the consumer still continues to play the fool.

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